I’ve met Chef last Saturday. He is an one year old Chihuahua male. This little fellow is absolutely amazing! And this is because of how his owner, Marina treats him; exactly like a dog and not a toy. Marina contacted me because she needs some guidance regarding Chef’s training.

Chef - Spoiled Dogs - 03

When I first read her e-mail and the fact that she wants training for her Chihuahua doggie I thought that I don’t see properly :). Someone wants to train a Chihuahua!

We all know that most of Chihuahua’s owners don’t treat this little dogs like dogs, but more like babies or little toys. I have to say that I admire a lot Marina and respect her, because she treats this little fellow exactly like a normal dog. Chef has regular long walks in the park, off leash, where he has the occasion to run and socialize with other dogs (small, medium even big dogs, both males and females), just the way it is normal and healthy for a dog!

Chef - Spoiled Dogs - 06

Marina’s way of thinking is very healthy! From a shy, handbag doggie she made a real dog with a nice character! I am really excited to start the training sessions with both of them!

Chef - Spoiled Dogs - 02 Chef - Spoiled Dogs - 04 Chef - Spoiled Dogs - 05 Chef - Spoiled Dogs - 01

A happy dog means a happy you!


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