Clicker Training – Workshop for beginners

This Workshop will teach you the basics of  “Clicker Training” in 12 simple steps. Besides that, I’ll help you to better understand your dog and to improve your relation with him.

We will have fun together on 9’th of June, from 13:00 to 16:00, in a nice, quiet and closed dog-park, Nadorstpleintje,  in the center of  Haarlem, intersection of  Rollandstraat and Nadorststraat streets.

During the Workshop everybody will have the opportunity to practice with their dog what they learned.

Every participant will receive:

  • – a little personalized book: “The Clicker in 12 steps”, made by Spoiled Dogs specially for this Workshop;
  • – delicious, healthy, home made dog-treats, made by Alli-Way ;
  • – surprise awards, including clickers;
  • – besides the special prizes, you can win a clicker  in the  “lottery”.


For registration, please send an e-mail to: codruta.ciolomic at

Participation fee: €45 per person.

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