Even if today was a rainy and windy day and my face is still swollen (a bad infection to one of my teeth), I had the pleasure to meet a cute little young lady. Her name is Daisy and she is two years old.

The rain stooped just before I met her :), what a stroke of luck for us! The meeting was even more amazing because today, Daisy had her first ‘swimming’ lesson. Her owner told me that she was ‘flirting’ with the water for some time now, but she didn’t have the courage to actually swim until today :).  Suddenly Daisy disappeared and we found her in the water :), I think she was hunting the ducks.

I can hardly wait to have her over at ‘Spoiled Dogs’ residence!

Daisy - Spoiled Dogs (1) Daisy - Spoiled Dogs (2) Daisy - Spoiled Dogs (3) Daisy - Spoiled Dogs (5)

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