Dog training treat bag

These days I was looking for buying a new  “Dog Training Treat Bag”. I was a bit picky in my searching, because I wanted something functional, nice and also unique.

I wasn’t very happy with what I found, especially that I needed it a.s.a.p. So…I said to myself: “I can make one!” and so I did and this is the result, hope you like it. Off course I named it : “The Spoiled Dogs doggie treat” :)

It has: – the big compartment for the treats;

             – a small pocket in the front for the clicker, poop bags, etc;

             – cord for securing the treats;

            – a small carabiner clip, so you can attached it to your belt;

             – and as extra I’ve made two hidden pockets, where you can put your money, keys or papers.

You can do it yourself too, this is what you need:

1. a pair of old jeans

2. string, needle, scissors

3. cord, Velcro strap

4. one small carabiner clip

I have sewed it by hand , but if you have an sewing machine you should be done with it in one hour.

“A happy dog means a happy you!”

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