Halloween is near and everybody goes crazy about dressing up their four legged life companions.

Even if we are not Americans, we celebrate this American Holiday :). And yes, of course we want our pooches to be dressed up for Halloween because they are so cute!

This year, for Halloween I’ve prepared a “Halloween photo shooting”  in collaboration with  Bianca Prodescu (whom I thank a lot for her help). The little stars of this photo shooting were Gavroche, the chocolate Labrador and Jack, my Golden Retriever.

Five tips for “that”  Halloween photo that you always dream for your dog:

1. don’t force your dog to wear something stupid that he doesn’t like just because you think it is cute, try to find something comfortable for him to wear that goes well with the scene;

2. if you want to set up a decoration for the photo, try to set up that decoration while your dog is next to you, so he can get used to everything that will be part of the decoration;

3. if possible, get another person to help you with your dog;

4. don’t force the dog to stay in one place, try to play with him or give him food or whatever he loves; in this way he will be having fun and he will start to love the sound of your camera and also the place that you want him to stay;

5. talk to your dog, make silly faces, noises and have fun!

“Spoiled Dogs” will dedicate this week to Halloween, so stay tuned and follow us on Flickr and Facebook  for daily Halloween photos! Thanks Cristina and Alex for ‘borrowing’ Gavroche!

A happy dog means a happy you!

Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it!

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