Hi everyone! Are you ready to fill yourself with cuteness and fluffiness?

I present to you: Otis!

Spoiled Dogs Otis(1)

Today I’ve met this little fellow and his beautiful and loving family. If you are wondering, Otis is a two months old Barbet doggie. And..by the way, today was his birthday, so Happy Birthday cutie! :*

He is going to start training with us, so be ready for more photos with this lovely furry face :*.

Otis is a very friendly little puppy, even his fur says this (as you can see below in the photo, his body says: “I’m giving and receiving a lot of hugs!”)

Spoiled Dogs Otis(2)

Besides the cuteness, fluffiness and beauty, he is also a very clever puppy and he’s learning pretty fast!

Spoiled Dogs Otis(4) Spoiled Dogs Otis(5) Spoiled Dogs Otis(3)

And never forget: A happy dog means a happy you!

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