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  1. Ali is our beagle: very smart and equally stubborn. Every time we had to go on a work trip or on holiday, Codruta would take care of him. And when I say care I also mean long walks, proper discipline, play time and – what was very important to us – socializing. If I don`t know the owners or the dogs I`m afraid to let my dog off leash when we go walking. But she always knows what to do, when, and especially how to do it. She is able to easily and naturally keep dogs under control while paying careful attention to their behavior and specific needs. With her, nothing goes out of control and dogs also count on that. And all the tips and tricks she taught me about how I should behave with my dog completely simplified and deepened the relationship I have with Ali. So a big THANK YOU, Codruta!

  2. Our beautiful chaniche, Pufi, has been raised being used to having somebody around all day long, as my retired grandfather took care of her during the day when I was at school and my parents at work. Since my grandfather has passed away nobody could stay with her during the day and she was suffering terribly. The neighbors heard her crying for hours after we left the house in the morning. Codruta was of great help in making her(and therefore our’s and the neighbors’) days brighter. Moreover the walks in the park, learning basic tricks and even going to the veterinary had never been so much fun. Codruta, we wish you all the best and we sincerely hope you’ll have the opportunity to work with many dogs, because you are so good at making them happy!

  3. I was very surprised to see that Codruta managed to control our very stubborn Dutchound named Jimmy. He is a very sneaky dog that crawls under your skin and finally controls you with his big blurry eyes. He hardly listens to anyone except my husband but I was very happy to see that Codruta earned his respect. When we usually went on a trip and left Jimmy at home he was suffering from depression and he wouldn’t eat anything. When Codruta took care of him he didn’t lose a pound and we could see he had been playful and happy. Thank you, Codruta!

  4. I am the proud owner of two golden retriever males, Aksel and Luck who now are two good dog citizens thanks to Codruta. One of the dogs came in our family when he was 18 months old. Unfortunately came with a lot of problems: he waas barking out loud without reason, he has the intention to bite other dog males, he was walking like a yo-yo and many others. Thanks to you, Codruta, he is now a good dog. Walking with him on or out of leash is a real pleasure, more than that thanks to your walking sessions both Aksel and Luck are walking fine. We can see changes in household behavior: Luck is not barking any more without reason, that is the result of the dog sitting sessions, that you have made with Aksel and Luck. With your help we could have obedience course with Aksel and Luck, they know now cues like “sit”, ” down” and other basic concepts, so we can take them for a walk everywhere we go. The most funny training sessions where trick classes.Luck and Aksel know many trick like ” speak”, ” hi5″, “rool-over” and much more.
    Codruta, thank yu for being so kind and for having so much patience with my dogs, they really enjoyed being with you! And thank you for being patient with me in time of obedinece and triks classes, it’s not easy to make the owner to understand what to do woth his dog.
    Even if you are not here any more, we are still co-working , and thanks to Skype you ca see how we are working and you can give your advices to improve our acitivity!
    Good luck from now on!
    Aksel and Luck are sneding you kisses and furry golden hugs!

  5. My little white dog named Pip is the love of my life and that’s why I would never trust her with someone who is not passionate about dogs. Codruta took really good care of Pip, giving her private quality time and took her for long walks of one hour for a very reasonable price. As a bonus Codruta is a talented photographer making Pip look like the Next Dog Model! And it was very convenient that Codruta was able to go for walks on a very short notice. Unfortunately for Pip and me our stay in Haarlem was just temporary, but we will miss the great services for sure.
    Thanks you for everything and a Pip gives you a paw.
    Anouk & Pip

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